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Develop Training announces new introductory WS7 course

Leading provider of Compliance, Technical and Safety training, Develop Training has released a new comprehensive course designed for learners who are new to dealing with Legionella risk assessments.


The course, which focuses on Legionnaires’ disease, will provide delegates with sufficient knowledge to begin conducting the required risk assessments concerning Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease for water systems.


The course, which has no pre-requisites to enter, takes just two days to complete and covers a number of topics including: a comprehensive overview of the risks, identification of low and high-risk situations, completion of an example risk assessment, inspection of storage vessels and the monitoring systems required for Legionella control.


The entirety of the qualification can be completed at Develop Training centres across the UK as well as both off-site and virtually.


Dan Sutherland, Senior Water Systems Lecturer at Develop Training, said: “This practical course is unlike any other that we offer in Water Systems (WS). Its utility is invaluable, and the course materials are more modern than all delivered under the WS banner to date.


“It also includes more practical areas of delivery than any other WS course and competently equips delegates of any ability with the practical toolset necessary to conduct Legionella risk assessments of hot and cold-water systems.”


Delegates who complete the WS7 course will also qualify to complete the WS7B course when it becomes available later this year – an advanced version of the WS7. Those with sufficient experience in Legionella risk assessments may join straight onto the WS7B course.


The WS7 course can be booked now at, with the price starting at £536 (+ £21 certification) + VAT.

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