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Customs declaration

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ChamberCustoms®, delivered by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, provides an import and export customs declaration service for UK businesses of all sizes across every region of the UK.

With extensive knowledge, reputation, and first-class service in facilitating international trade, we can take the hassle out of customs brokerage when exporting and importing goods.

With direct links to all air, sea and land port terminals in the UK, the service is offered direct to businesses and through UK freight forwarders, ensuring that customs clearance is accurate, timely and avoids additional costs through delays or errors.

Our clearance agents will:

  • File customs declaration forms
  • Speed up the whole customs clearance process
  • Guide you through exporting goods out of the UK
  • Guide you through importing goods into the UK
  • Keep your business compliant with HMRC
  • Keep you right with import duty and taxes
  • Provide expert training in customs, import and export
  • Provide bespoke customs consultancy services for your trading business

If you are a business or freight forwarder and want to know more about ChamberCustoms® and how we can support your business, please click the button below.

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