Business Manifesto

Business Manifesto

On 26th November 2021 we published our Business Manifesto for 2022. The fifth annual statement of its kind, it sets out the opportunities and challenges our membership want to champion and which we believe will have the most impact. 

We continue to build upon our previous Manifesto’s with this year’s statement which commits the Chamber, a politically neutral organisation, to a work programme of activity and action that we can lead, support and campaign.  In doing so, we will work hard for our members, not only those who have recently joined, but especially our longstanding supporters.

We set out three main priorities, on which the Chamber will focus:

Helping secure investment in resilient infrastructure, utility and sustainable networks: Promoting the need for investment to deliver resilient digital and transportation networks across the Thames Valley that will support the region’s future sustainable economic growth, showcase innovation and green technologies, and which support our move to a net-zero economy.

Ensuring trade and inward investment continues to flow in a post-EU transition environment: Providing Thames Valley businesses with the relevant, direct and practical information and support they require to ‘build back better’, trade overseas more efficiently and improve UK plc’s inward investment and trade figures.  Lobby Government to ensure we have frictionless trade, freedom of movement for the workforce and investment in appropriate skills.

Regional leadership and showcasing the region as a key contributor to levelling up: Supporting initiatives that invest in the success of the region’s sustainable economic growth and productivity.  Showcase the contributions investing in the Thames Valley can make to the levelling up agenda.

These priorities are framed by the following six core themes that inform, influence and shape our vision and wider programme of work and events across the region and at the local level.


Read more about our Business Manifesto Advisory Group (BMAG), a scrutiny and review body, overseeing progress on the delivery of the Chamber’s Business Manifesto.