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Bridging the Gap:

The PARTNER Approach

Our Working Together pages provide information for local education and training providers to help them design and improve courses. For employers, it’s a roadmap to gauge their progress on the journey towards workforce development.


Screen Industries
Construction & The Built Environment
Health & Life Sciences
Hospitality & Visitor Economy
Haulage & Logistics
Manufacturing (Science & Innovation)


Leadership & Management
Skills for a Net Zero Economy
Business & Professional

Our Training Needs Analysis is a brief evaluation tool to help you identify your workforce development training needs. If you fill it in you will receive a personalised response from our team with some guidance and suggestions about where you might go to find help!

Thank you for your patience responses may take up to a week.


In today’s dynamic business landscape, continuous workforce development is crucial for staying competitive. Collaboration between business and education and training providers is a strategic approach to ensure that the workforce possesses the skills and knowledge needed to meet the demands of your industry.

This guide outlines steps for employers and education & training providers to effectively collaborate together for enhanced workforce development.

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