13th April 2022

Newbury based flavourings manufacturer is now making flavourings that help save the planet. I.T.S. has offset all their carbon emissions to make sure they operate at net-zero.

Put simply, I.T.S. takes out more carbon from the atmosphere than they put in. The company has chosen to offset an extra 10% of our total emissions to make sure they are making a positive impact rather than just cancelling emissions out.

What does this mean for their customers? Well, not only do they have confidence they are getting sustainably sourced flavour ingredients, but they are also taking carbon out of the atmosphere with every order. How good is that?

Mike Bagshaw, Owner and Founder of I.T.S. explains “This is something I’m incredibly passionate about. I.T.S. is here to have a positive impact. I want to run a company that our customers and staff can be proud of.”

Mike continues “This is not a hygiene factor for us. I see lots of the big corporate flavouring companies making pledges to achieve climate goals years down the line. That’s not how I.T.S. work. We are all about getting things done now. There isn’t time to waste”.

I.T.S. is investing and supporting many carbon-friendly initiatives across the globe. From planting biodiverse forests in Panama, to Burgos Wind Farms in the Philippines. They are also working closer to home helping plant forests in Yorkshire in the UK.

And yes, I.T.S. are aware that offsetting our emissions isn’t the final solution. That is why this is only stage 1 of the journey to become a more sustainable flavouring manufacturer. First they measured and offset our carbon emissions, and will now take steps to reduce and improve.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news on I.T.S. sustainability plans.

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