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New partnership between Hydro-GIS and Carbon-Zero to help businesses meet their carbon-reduction targets for 2050

Hydro-GIS are delighted to announce a partnership with Carbon-Zero, the qualified and experienced Energy Specialists, to provide carbon-reducing initiatives and offsetting solutions for businesses.

Harvey Rodda, Director at Hydro-GIS Ltd said   “Protecting our environment and long-term sustainability has always been at the forefront of the services we deliver, and the targets recently set by Government to address the climate crisis have only added to the importance of resource efficiency.

Working together with Carbon-Zero, a likeminded partner who wants to boost the adoption of resource efficiency measures, we are pleased to extend our service portfolio to support proactive business owners in tackling their carbon accountability, by providing innovative solutions to carbon-neutralise their business operations.”

The company is now actively seeking organisations to become green leaders in their industry, where they will work to achieve the following goals;

  • Collect and collate data to accurately calculate your carbon footprint
  • Provide a detailed carbon footprint assessment of current business operations
  • Identify and agree carbon reduction and cost-saving targets and define actions to achieve the goals
  • Provide opportunities to offset what you cannot reduce any further by aiding global, and UK, sustainability projects

Continuing, Harvey said “Hydro-GIS are hopeful that this partnership will engage business owners to consider the wider environmental impacts of resource efficiency whilst planning for development of their local environment. We have a shared belief in a future where both economic and environmental sustainability go hand in hand.”

About Hydro-Gis

Based near Oxford, Hydro-GIS Ltd is an established specialist consultancy providing expertise in hydrology and GIS since 2004. Projects range in scale from the development of flood catastrophe models on a continental basis to site specific hydrological assessments for individual properties.  Understanding that collaboration is the key to a successful project, Hydro-GIS work closely with a number of partner organisations in the environmental industry.

Our latest partner Carbon-Zero, based in Aberdeen, has a team of assessors with over 60 years collective business, energy and environmental experience, qualified in Energy and Environmental subjects, providing assessments and solutions to a wide range of businesses. They are fully qualified PRINCE 2 project managers, as well as being ISO 50001 and IEMA certified to carry out Carbon and Environmental surveys.

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