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New Book Shows the Evidence is in: Kindness is Good for Business

A new book by kindness expert Magnus Wood presents the most comprehensive and compelling evidence of the links between kindness and performance, productivity and protecting mental health.

Published this month, THE KINDNESS CODE: SEVEN KEYS TO UNLOCKING A KINDNESS REVOLUTION AT WORK is a new book packed full of science-based research demonstrating the multiple benefits of cultivating kinder cultures at work. Importantly, it also contains insights and practical tips to instantly ignite kindness within your organisation.

This book addresses important topics including:

  • The personal and business benefits of kindness at work
  • What practical steps individuals at all levels can take to create more kindness where they work
  • How to be kind in an unkind work environment

“The Kindness Code by Magnus Wood is the most empowering read on kindness in the workplace you’ll ever encounter,” says Miriam Myers, Head of Talent, Freuds.

THE KINDNESS CODE REVEALS how cultivating a culture of kindness can have a positive impact on the triple bottom line of people, profits and planet. Employees love working in kind environments. Customers and consumers adore kind companies. The evidence reveals unquestionably that when business invests in kindness, the rewards come back in spades.

Kindness at work has never been more important, or more essential. In a survey of 210 business leaders conducted by The Kindness Consultancy between Aug-Dec 2020, shared here for the first time, 81% agreed their organisation would be more successful if it were kinder. Nearly two-thirds agreed that senior management regularly showed kindness (66%), however a third (34%) felt there was room for improvement.

“Kindness is a superpower that anybody can bring to their working environment, says author Magnus Wood. “I wrote this book because I want people and organisations to thrive and grow through kindness.”

MAGNUS WOOD is a kindness expert who works with organisations to unleash the power of kindness at work. Kindness can help make work meaningful. It can help people thrive and do their best-ever work. It can produce remarkable performance and growth. Kindness at work is a superpower that everybody at every level can use to thrive and grow. For more information on THE KINDNESS CODE, Magnus Wood and The Kindness Consultancy visit:, email

THE KINDNESS CODE is available from Amazon, iBooks, Google Play and other online bookstores.


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