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MHA MacIntyre Hudson makes most significant investment in staff pay in one year ever

To support staff with the increased cost of living crisis MHA MacIntyre Hudson has announced to staff this week that ALL staff will be getting a 3% pay rise backdated to the 1st November, as well as a cash bonus in their December pay packets.

Announcing one of its ‘most significant’ investments in staff pay ever in the space of one year, this increase amounts to around £2 million and is in addition to the firms’ usual pay rises that occurred in April.

Rakesh Shaunak, Chairman of MHA MacIntyre Hudson comments ‘the cost of living crisis is real, and we are experiencing it on a daily basis.  We recognise how important our staff are to the firm, and the contribution they make, and we want them to really know that.  Engaged and motivated staff, equals happy clients so we are doing our best to both reward our staffs’ hard work and dedication and also support with the current situation.

We have the most fantastic pool of people at MHA, and we are aware that salary is a dominant factor of both staff retention and talent attraction, so we also want to continue attracting top talent.”

In 2022 to date MHA has been taking on an average of an incredible 48 new starters per month which include borderless workers and international secondees, and they are continuing to look for more top talent to augment their workforce. They also recruited just over 70 trainees this year and are likely to take on between 80 and 90 next year.  


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