05th June 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak has hit several businesses very hard and created a “new normal” for all industries.

During the peak of the pandemic, London Bridge Project has successfully managed the crisis and achieved to grow Amazon/E-commerce sales operations. During the 3 months from March to May the organisation have expanded their warehouse space by 233% and increased sales by more than 320% in general.

They have also signed new Amazon and online sales agreements with the USA, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Kemal Sidar, CEO of the London Bridge Project say “We are very pleased to report this growth, which is so positive in these uncertain times.  We would also like to thank the Chamber for their informative approach and one-to-one support during those tough times”.


Experts at London Bridge project recently shared insights and experiences about using the right tools to allow you to succeed in selling through Amazons’ site through a webinar with us – you can see this here