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West Berkshire

A strong industrial base, characterised by a strong service sector, several manufacturing and distribution firms as well as a new and emerging digital technology industry. Newbury has been recognised as one of the fDi’s top 10 Northern European Cities of the Future.

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West Berkshire Local Chamber Advisory Group (LCAG)

The LCAGs are the local representative bodies of TVCC, providing a forum for the elected members to meet and discuss local policy issues. Working with key stakeholders across the Thames Valley region, each of the individual LCAGs has their own local policy priority statements (LPPS), which have been developed by the Groups in consultation with their members. These documents reflect the policy issues affecting the respective areas and the focus for the LCAGs in working to help address and resolve them as an active voice for the business community.

Read West Berkshire’s 2022 Local Policy Priority Statement.

Newbury and the wider West Berkshire region continues to grow, with a significant number of manufacturing and distribution hubs choosing to locate to the area. The West Berkshire LCAG continues to support and help the region’s businesses to grow their trading activity throughout the Thames Valley, UK and overseas. We are also continuing to build upon our business and education focused partnerships to help maintain and enhance a diverse employment and skills base in West Berkshire.”

Joe Baily, President 

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