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Local business breaks records in timeshare compensation awards

Henley based business and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce member, European Consumer Claims (ECC) with partners M1 Legal posted a record week in the timeshare claims business:  76 separate victories and over £2.8 million in compensation awarded by the Spanish courts.

European Consumer Claims are based at the Regus Henley Building in Newtown Road and employ over 150 staff in their offices worldwide. 

The positive outcomes were against timeshare companies: Anfi, CLC Sucursal, Marriott, Regency Vacations and CLC Continental with the judge declaring the contracts null and void for lack of information regarding the accommodation.

The largest single award was against a resort called Silverpoint and was for well over £100,000.  M1 Legal are currently pursuing a further 62 cases against Silverpoint.

Andrew Cooper, CEO of ECC said, “The initial victory for our clients is that they are freed from the liabilities of expensive annual timeshare management fees.

“Compensation awards of this scale and volume are a result of the diligence and expertise of our legal team and consultants.   But I also believe the courts are becoming increasingly sympathetic to the victims of rogue timeshare operations.  The industry is being punished in the only way it understands: financially. 

“It is a great time for anyone mis-sold a timeshare to explore their options regarding compensation.”


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