Training Workshops

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce continues to offer Virtual Training Workshops to Members and Non-Members as well as re-introducing Face to Face Training.

Our virtual training workshops will enable attendees to virtually interact with the trainer and ask questions, as you would in a normal face to face course and there will be an assessment at the end of the course.  Virtual training will continue t0 be reviewed following Government guidance on face to face training.


Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group continues to expand the International Trade Workshops Portfolio to incorporate the British Chamber of Commerce Accredited Foundation Award in International Trade

This training programme has been developed after demand from employers for a national skills experience for their staff, by developing a national solution to the exporting skills gap.

The qualification is offered as a family of short courses and equips businesses with a highly skilled workforce ready to take on international markets.  Developed in response to the Government’s focus on the need to grow the number of UK exporters, these courses provide invaluable skills for small and large companies alike.

Candidates achieving Pass or Merit in any of the course topics will receive a certificate in each area. Those who pass any six of the course topics will achieve a nationally recognised Foundation Award in International Trade.

* Please note the following modules cover two topics each and therefore two assessments -Preferential Rules of Origin / Customs Procedures & Documentation and Letters of Credit / Methods of payment.

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If you need to understand the total flow of export work, from receipt of the enquiry to successful delivery of goods and payment, this is the course for you. It explains the internal functions in the exporting company, the support network available to help, along with the full export process.

This import training course will offer practical guidance on the latest procedures, terminology and documentation required for successful importing. It will increase understanding of Customs rules and compliance procedures and look briefly at some of the duty reliefs available.

This course will examine the Letter of Credit process in detail and offer guidance on how to create a workable credit. It will consider the different interests of the exporter, importer and the banks and methods of reducing the risks for all parties.

HM Revenue and Customs require exporters to demonstrate documentary compliance with security and customs regimes. Non compliance risks delay in the supply chain and the possibility of financial penalty.

This course will consider the impact of the latest UK Customs Procedures as they have evolved under the Union Customs Code on both importers and exporters. It will outline the duties and taxes currently payable on entry of goods into the UK and the bases of calculation, and also the need to produce a proof of removal for VAT reconciliation.

The Incoterms® Rules are an essential business tool for export import because they define the risk and cost responsibilities of each party when arranging loading/unloading of the goods, delivery, import export clearance and freight contracts. They may be used in contract negotiations, as a checklist for buyers and sellers and as a framework for international and domestic sales contracts.

This export training course deals with the vital area of International Agency and Distribution. It examines the differences between Agents and Distributors and when and where the use of each would be appropriate. The course will also discuss methods of finding, appointing and motivating agents and distributors and examines the relevant aspects of EU Law of Agency.

Inward Processing Relief (IPR) is used to obtain relief from customs duties and import VAT on goods that are imported from outside the EU for processing. The basic principle is to allow UK exporters to be more competitive by reducing their processing costs. Processes that are permitted under IPR include manufacturing, sorting and packing, repair and refurbishment.

We are happy to offer a discount to those companies booking 6 or more courses. There are further discounts for Global Members.

If you have any queries for any of the workshops or courses, please email or call us on 01753 870 560.

Other International Trade Workshops

These courses are not part of the British Chamber of Commerce Accredited Foundation Award in International Trade.

Are you a customs agent? Or does your company use customs agents and intermediaries to help you trade with the EU and Rest of the World? If so, you need to know how to meet customs requirements fast and efficiently after the UK leaves the EU. There will be new processes to follow and new forms to complete. Our training will highlight what you need to know to be able to accurately complete a simple customs.

This export controls training course considers the complex and developing field of export licensing and controls  Export controls cover the export of goods, technology transfer, including the export of technology over the internet, via email, oral disclosure or technical assistance overseas.

This half day course is an excellent introduction or a refresher for those involved in the preparation of export documentation. The course will take a practical approach to completing Certificates of Origin and EUR1 & ATR movement certificates helping you to present clean and accurate export paperwork for every shipment.

This course will consider the terminology used and the structure of the Harmonised System, Commodity and Tariff codes. It will examine the General Interpretative Rules that are used for classification and the tools and resources available to assist in the establishment of the most appropriate code.

This half day training session is designed for GB Businesses and covers the key considerations when moving goods into Northern Ireland in a post Brexit transition environment.