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IBB launch a Bolder Brighter Better visual identity

Following a period of significant expansion, IBB is launching a powerful new visual identity to support a divisional focus dedicated to specific client needs.

The divisions are:

  • IBB Commercial
  • IBB Franchising
  • IBB Real Estate
  • IBB Private Client
  • IBB Criminal Law
  • IBB Wealth

The six business divisions make IBB’s client offering clearer and will enable IBB’s legal experts to work together to concentrate on tailoring services and communications to suit specific client groups.

The distinctive new visual identity captures the essence of the firm’s long-term vision which is about:

“making the law work for clients by listening to and understanding their needs, to ensure IBB’s lawyers offer bolder, brighter, better solutions”.

And the new identity better reflects IBB’s core values: “engaged, caring, positive and united”

Throughout its 100+ year history IBB has developed a unique way of making the law work for clients by building a service based on trust and confidentiality. IBB is committed to investing in modern legal solutions for all its different communities both locally and nationally.

With four offices serving clients in West London, the Thames Valley and beyond, IBB is well placed to continue to thrive in a fast paced market.

“I am very pleased to present a new visual identity for a renewed IBB Law” says Joanna DeBiase, Managing Partner. “We are growing our firm in a purposeful distinctive way with an emphasis on serving our communities and providing our people with interesting rewarding jobs.

Our new identity reflects our positivity and our ambition to develop a caring united firm in a challenging market.”

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