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Herrington Carmichael headquarters expansion

Herrington Carmichael is expanding its headquarters to a 30,000 sq ft office at nearby Farnborough Aerospace Centre in May 2023.

At a time when many professional services firms are withdrawing from larger office spaces, Herrington Carmichael is making a multi-million-pound investment to create an environment for its people, clients and local entrepreneurs to enjoy.

The new building will include new client workspaces, a learning and development centre, an entrepreneurial business hub, new technology, space for enhanced collaboration through having the majority of its teams in one central office. The use of office space for clients differs between those wanting a more relaxed environment for meetings and those who visit in a corporate capacity, with each space being able to balance face to face meetings against those wanting to use the latest technology..

“Our people are at the centre of everything we do and our rapid growth over the last few years, from 102 employees in March 2020 to 175 in 2023, has been developed through the people we have employed and the teams we have built,” said Managing Partner Yavan Brar.

The firm is continuing to recruit for the future, their trainee programme will double over 2023/24 and alongside this, they have been one of the first law firms to develop a structure to establish an SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Examinations) route to becoming a lawyer. In addition to new solicitor apprenticeships, the firm has increased the number of business services apprenticeships it offers. They are committed to finding the very best talent and giving an opportunity to those from a variety of different backgrounds entry to the legal sector.

Herrington Carmichael has ambitious plans to be a firm of the future that develops more than just lawyers, not losing sight of their traditional values of excellent service and value for money which continues to be appreciated by their clients and made them the firm they are today.

The new head office in nearby Farnborough, alongside offices in Ascot, Reading and London will see the firm continuing to provide their services in locations where they have been successful.

All future correspondence from Herrington Carmichael will be changed to the brand-new headquarters at Brennan House, Farnborough Aerospace Centre Business Park, Farnborough, GU14 6XR from 1 May.

Managing Partner Yavan Brar continued: “The expansion represents a significant change in the future of Herrington Carmichael, we are investing heavily in doubling our office space and creating a first-class environment for our clients and our people.  

We’ve added features such as an entrepreneurial business hub and enhanced space for learning and development to continue the growth of our people. It’s great to see we were ahead of all the international law firms in implementing schemes for finding and developing new talent, giving opportunities beyond the traditional routes into a legal career”.

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