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Helping You Keep Your Distance With Aston and James

As much as we don’t like it and it feels very unnatural, it looks like social distancing will be sticking around for a while, at least the next twelve months. In a nutshell, social distancing is taking measures to reduce social interaction between people to help reduce transmission. As such, the majority of us are working from home, only essential shops are open and we have resorted to a social life centred on Zoom and social media video calls. However, its not possible for everyone to work from home, many businesses remain open and as a result have had to change the way they operate in order to stick to the rules of keeping two metres apart.

Measures include introducing distancing from colleagues and members of the public using queues, barriers, one-way systems, limiting numbers within a premise, wearing masks and providing handwash stations. As we prepare for the next level of control over the prevention and spread of Covid-19, many businesses will start to re-open but with strict social distancing measures in place. Many companies have already begun preparing for these measures, including installing signage, adding floor stickers or wall markers and stocking up on provisions such as hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes. Collectively, these measures will all help protect your staff and customers, serving as a daily reminder to stick to the guidelines and help us return to our daily working lives safely.

There are plenty of small things we can do to help combat the spread:

• Follow signage and stay 2m apart from each other ✔

• Remember to wash your hands regularly ✔

• Use hand sanitiser or sanitising wipes where provided ✔

• Respect others by following the guidelines ✔

• Smile when queuing! A friendly smile can go a long way ✔

• Stay at home if you have a cough and/or a fever ✔

To help you keep the distance and combat the spread, we are delighted to now be able to offer our customers a comprehensive range of safety signs and products such as plastic screen and sneeze guards to meet the safety legislation. We have everything you need to get prepared for social distancing when offices, shops and businesses are open again. Our social distancing signage is bright, attention-grabbing and will remind the general public of the guidance and we can also print bespoke signage with your own corporate branding. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply give us a call and we’ll endeavour to help you. We have more desk dividing, safeguarding options being added to our range over the next few days and we can assist with visuals and support with suggestions to help equip businesses on a phased reopening.

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