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European Consumer Claims clients celebrate over £500k in May award wins

Henley based timeshare consumer champions and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce members European Consumer Claims have plenty to celebrate these days, with their new Thameside corporate headquarters building, staffing levels worldwide reaching over 200 people and the company’s unrelenting expansion into the American market.

Achievements like these are fuelled by ECC’s consistent court wins on behalf of mis-sold timeshare victims, and May 2024 delivered yet another stream of court victories.

ECC’s Spanish law partner, M1 Legal, secured 26 wins on behalf of jubilant clients, with a total value of £504,470.

One former Ona Group member from Chesterfield was awarded a staggering £137,257 whilst the other plaintiffs won between £11,781 and £31,600.

“Most awards are around the £22,000 mark,” confirms Greg Wilson, CEO of ECC.  “Although for the majority of our clients the main priority is escaping the expensive commitments of their annual maintenance fees.”

As well as Ona Grup, other major timeshare players like ANFI, Club la Costa, Marriott, Heritage, Restotel and Infiniti were all ordered to compensate victims.

“Right now is an excellent time to seek compensation if you were mis-sold a timeshare,” says Wilson.  “The courts are taking a very dim view of timeshare operations’ disregard for consumer laws over the last 25 years, and are punishing resorts accordingly.

“Anyone who feels like they have been unfairly treated by a timeshare company should seek advice, sooner rather than later.”


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