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Customisable and flexible office space with Arena that’s putting businesses first

With government restrictions ending more businesses and employees are looking forward to getting back into the office and returning to some type of normal. However, with many companies unsure as to what the future may hold during these uncertain times it’s important to have a workspace that is flexible.

That’s why Arena’s office space provides businesses of all sizes the option to scale up or down with ease and without being tied into a long term contract, whether a 2 person office or customised office suite for 200 people.

With the option to customise each workspace businesses are firmly in the driver’s seat in a Covid safe location across Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset. At Arena, businesses have the option to upsize, downsize or just stay the same without penalty or the worry of long-term contracts. With so much uncertainty surrounding businesses who are coming back to the office now that government restrictions have been lifted, Arena is providing peace of mind and support to enable a safe return. An outstanding dedicated centre team nurture clients taking care of the small details so they are free to focus on the bigger picture.

The flexible contracts give businesses cost certainty and control, whilst the Arena team works alongside each company to ensure that they have the right space to suit their needs.

Helen Deverill, Marketing Director at Arena is pleased to provide businesses with support and flexibility as they return to the office. She said: “The flexible contracts that we offer enable businesses to stay completely agile in an ever-changing landscape.

“We ultimately want to give a platform for our clients to perform and succeed, an environment where they can thrive with likeminded businesses.

“It’s important now more than ever that we provide the flexibility and freedom to achieve this. The constraints of entering into a five-year lease for example is not only costly but highly restrictive.

“Our goal is in creating inspiring working environments where it’s a pleasure to come to work, bringing teams back together to collaborate again and do their best work supported by an outstanding centre team.”

Every workspace at Arena is fully customisable, allowing businesses to work with the experts at Arena to create a bespoke office space that meets their needs.

Whether it’s more room for breakout areas, more space between desks or even a new meeting area for clients, Arena works consultatively to create an office that is tailored individually.

Additionally the team works closely with each business as well as space planners and interior designers to ensure the workspace is fully utilised.

Helen added: “We provide a blank canvas to enable our clients to create a bespoke environment that gives a sense of identity and belonging.

“Having the ability to work your way is so important in re-uniting teams together again and helping them feel part of the company culture and ethos after being apart for so long.

“We help our clients step by step throughout the process of customising their office space, so that our expertise can bring them what they truly need. We are now excited to welcome businesses and their teams back to the office.”

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