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Chamber Member Aston & James crowned a winner in National Industry Awards

Oxfordshire based company Aston & James are delighted to have won the Campaign of the Year award at The BOSS Awards 2022. 

Since 1905 BOSS has been the authoritative body for the UK business supplies industry, supporting the sector and its people. It is a not-for-profit organisation that concentrates on playing a strategic role in the industry’s support, promotion and protection. BOSS represents all businesses along the distribution chain from the small retailers to the largest manufacturers, which all have a place in their vibrant growing community. 

The 2022 industry awards recognise and celebrate those in the UK office products industry who have demonstrated excellence, either individually or through the success of their team and business. 

Darren Aston, MD said, “It is fantastic to be recognised alongside such prestigious names. We are very proud of our Workplace Well-being campaign, which raises awareness of the issues that help to create a happier, healthier and more productive environment. Our work is very rewarding, but it is also humbling to see that work acknowledged with a win at the Boss Awards.”

The judges were looking for ‘campaigns that may have impacted you as an individual, your company, your customer or the industry as a whole’. These could be marketing, supply chain, operational, people or service-related initiatives or something that is clear blue sky thinking.

The criteria of the entries were judged on:

• The major impact on you as an individual
• The major impact on our business
• The major impact on the office (business) products industry
• The major impact on our customers
• The major impact on morale within our team
• The major improvements in services or supply chain
• Exciting and fun
• Innovation

The Aston & James mobile well-being pop-up was launched in October 2021.  It showcases a practical and visual support that shows commitment to helping employers support their employees wherever they work, by continuing to promote and support the long-term health of people at work.  Whilst encouraging overall staff well-being for a positive, high-performing, and engaged workforce, it has helped Aston & James to remain, visible, relevant, and aligned with the importance and consideration for well-being in the workplace.

Through this campaign, they have supported their customers in reassessing their workspace or workplace, wherever they choose to work. It  opens a positive change conversation where the need arises and encouraging them to add more movement into their working day.

Supporting them to be…
Fit for Work
Fit for Purpose
Fit for Life

Through this campaign, they continued to listen and implement relevant and suitable solutions that meet the demand of end users.  By supporting multiple home workers they helped re-think, refresh and improve office environments to engage and encourage employees to return to their workplace and get something more from it. Customer feedback has been fantastic and they are ultimately seeing a return and uplift in other areas of customer requirements.

Shortlist for the Award were 3M, Antalis UK, Aston & James, Nemo Office Club and Pukka Pads 2000 Ltd.



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