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eATA Carnet Pilot

Thames Valley Chamber is involved in the eATA Carnet pilot project, which aims to digitalise ATA Carnets and their lifecycle management process – from issuance and declarations to transactions and claims.

If you are interested in taking part in the pilot, please scroll down to find out more. 

ATA Carnets – The Passport for Goods

What is an ATA Carnet?

  • The ATA Carnet is a temporary admission document which acts as a “passport for goods”.
  • Using an ATA Carnet cuts out red tape at border points avoiding cash deposits and other delays in the country of temporary  importation. It can be used for multiple trips and is valid for up to one year.
  • The ATA Carnet provides a guarantee to the Customs of a foreign country that all duties, taxes etc. will be paid to them if the conditions are breached.
  • The issuing Chamber must receive security from the Carnet user. This security must be for an amount equal to the highest rate of duty or taxes applicable. It will disregard any preferential tariffs that may be in force at the time as Customs authorities may themselves ignore such preferential rates.

How can a Business apply for an ATA Carnet?

ATA Carnets are applied for online. Register at and apply for your Carnets through us at London Heathrow.

What can an ATA Carnet be used for?

You can use a Carnet for almost anything, computers, musical equipment, race horses, electrical equipment, machinery and so on. Your goods must be categorised under one of these three headings:

  • a) Commercial samples
  • b) Exhibition use / trade fair (or similar events)
  • c) Professional equipment

A Carnet may not be used for:

  • Goods to be hired out or sold for financial gain
  • Perishable or consumable items (as these would not be re-imported)
  • Goods which are for processing or repair
  • Goods on which a CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) refund will be claimed
  • Goods used as a means of transport (cars, motorcycles etc)
  • Equipment to be used for construction, repair or maintenance (of buildings/earthmoving projects)

What countries can an ATA Carnet be used for?

A carnet can be used for any of the following countries:

Albania (AL) Algeria (AZ) Andorra (AD)
Australia (AU) Bahrain (BH)* Belarus (BY)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (BA)   Canada (CA) *
Canary Islands (IC) Chile (CL) China (CN) *
Cote D’Ivoire (CI) European Union (EU) Gibraltar (GI)
Hong Kong (HK) Iceland (IS) India (IN)*
Indonesia (ID) Iran (IR) Israel (IL)*
Japan (JP) Kazakhstan (KZ) Korea, Republic of (KR)
Lebanon (LB) Macao (MO) Madagascar (MG)
Malaysia (MY) Mauritius (MU) Mexico (MX) *
Moldova (MD) Mongolia (MN) * Montenegro (ME)
Morocco (MA) * New Zealand (NZ) North Macedonia (MK)
Norway (NO) Pakistan (PK) * Qatar (QA) *
Russia Federation (RU) Senegal (SN) Serbia (CS)
Singapore (SG) South Africa (ZA) Sri Lanka (LK)
Switzerland (CH) * Taiwan (TW) * Thailand (TH)
Tunisia (TN) * Turkey (TR) * UAE (AE) *
Ukraine (UA) USA (US) * Vietnam (VN)*


*Additional Country Notes

Bahrain (BH) – Category B only
Canada (CA) – Category A only, letter of responsibility required on your company’s headed paper for category C.
Canary Islands (IC) – Compulsory in Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla.
China (CN) – All carnets used in China must be registered with the Chinese customs database by contacting CCPIT/CCOIC before clearing the goods.
European Union (EU) – Add 40%
India (IN) – Category B for ITPO approved Trade Fairs/Exhibitions. (Invite needed.) Category C for maximum 2 months only.
Indonesia (ID) – Category B & C only
Israel (IL) – Name of final user to be added in box B.
Kazakhstan (KZ) – Category B & C only at present
Lebanon (LB) – Category B & C only
Mexico (MX) – Translation of goods into Spanish required. Notify Mexican customs before departure through CANACO website.
Mongolia (MN) – Category B & C only
Morocco (MA) – Category B only, letter of responsibility required on your company’s headed paper for other categories.
Pakistan (PK) – Category B & C only
Qatar (QA) – Category B only.
Russian Federation (RU) – Letter of responsibility required as Carnets are not usually issued to Russia. Passport number and date of issue of Authorised Representative must be shown in Box B. Two extra pairs of transit vouchers required.
Switzerland (CH) – 3 pairs of transit vouchers per trip required.
Taiwan (TW) – EC/CPD/China-Taiwan Carnet needed.
Tunisia (TN) – Category B & C only.
Türkiye (TR) – Turkish agent must appear in box B. Only named representatives / agents listed in box B will be allowed to sign the importation and re-exportation declarations in boxes F.
UAE (AE) – Category B only.
USA (US) – Category A & C only. We cannot guarantee the acceptance of a Carnet covering vehicles.
Vietnam (VN) –  Category B only (Partial consignments are allowed provided all the goods are re-exported in one consignment)


How does it work?

The Carnet is a simple international Customs document with vouchers for presentation to each country you visit. The yellow ‘exp’ is for exportation out of the UK, white ‘imp’ for importation into your destination country, white ‘re-exp’ to come out of your destination country and yellow ‘re-imp’ for importation back into the UK. You may also have blue ‘tra’ vouchers, which are required for transit or exhibition purposes. Customs will keep these vouchers and stamp the relevant counterfoil, and when you have completed your trip you will return all the stamped counterfoils to us plus any remaining vouchers you have not used.

What are the chargers for ATA Carnets?

ATA Carnet costs consist of two parts:

  • The issuing fee is £197 + VAT for members or £335 + VAT for non-members
  • The Carnet security scheme – this gives you instant cover, no freezing of funds and a minimum premium fee is applicable. Quotes are available, please call 0208 564 6300 or email

Downloadable Forms & Templates

Digital ATA Carnet Pilot

To find out more click here 


‘I would like to share my heartfelt thanks to you for all the support and cheerfulness that you have offered us. Brexit has presented us all with so many challenges and working with you has made the process that much simpler with your very efficient carnet issuing service. A big thank you from us all and we look forward to our continuing relationship.”

Henry Bullen
Director at Peden Bloodstock, Global Equine Logistics

“We have been working with the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce in Heathrow for over 5 years. We use the ATA Carnet and Certificate of Origin services and it is always a pleasure to deal with the team.

“We have recently started to use the online ATA Carnet services and it is fantastic. It is much quicker and easier to issue our carnets, especially the multi-page applications.

“The team in the office is always on hand to answer questions and help if required. They are extremely friendly and flexible.
They have assisted us many times to meet deadlines and have our documents ready, even with a late application.” 

Annie Davis
Key Account Manager at Global Logistics Management Ltd

“Providing freighting services around the world it’s paramount that we offer a prompt and reliable service to our customers. ATA Carnets, better known in the industry as the ‘passport for goods’ is a temporary admission document that need to be turned around quickly. This is a highly specialised area and we were keen to establish a working relationship with an organisation that could be deemed as an extension of our own business.

“We have a fantastic working relationship with the staff at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce’s International Trade Services Team who always process our documents, offer a speedy turnaround and are 100 per cent reliable to get the job done ahead of the time. I would highly recommend them to anybody.”

Jackie Bowler
Export Controller at Sandrair, one of the UK’s leading freight companies