20th April 2020

The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the opening of the Government’s coronavirus job retention scheme.

Paul Britton, Chamber CEO commented: “The Chamber team and I have been speaking to our members, customers and the business community about the problems many are facing as lockdown continues. Many have previously cited the fear of being unable to pay staff on time if the scheme didn’t start before the next payroll was due to run. However, today’s announcement, with the site up and running, will be a massive relief for UK businesses.

“This has been an impending issue the British Chambers of Commerce weekly insight tracker identified which includes two-thirds of respondents are awaiting funds from furlough scheme as payday approaches. The Chamber network is working tirelessly behind the scenes to champion changes to the furlough scheme to ensure it is more inclusive and can be extended as businesses try to navigate the complexities of Covid-19 whilst running a company.

“Our Covid-19 central resource hub offers an array of information, support and guidance and acts as a central point for businesses to minimise the impact on their own communities and support the UK Government’s strategy.”

A series of webinars are running weekly to help businesses during this time.