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Timeshare claims market poised for record year in 2023

The timeshare claims market is poised for a record year as Henley based firm European Consumer Claims report major award victories in February.

In the second largest award in ECC history a Hertfordshire family were overjoyed to receive the news that their compensation case had been won against Onagrup and that their decision to challenge the resort had been resoundingly rewarded.  The Berkhamsted couple were awarded a staggering £196,569, plus costs to be awarded in their favour at a later date.

“An award of this size sends a clear message to rogue timeshare operators,” says Andrew Cooper, CEO of European Consumer Claims “The courts are taking a stand over the twenty plus years of mis-selling. Guilty resorts are being ordered to pay significant compensation to their victims.”

This milestone award was only one of 32 separate victories won by ECC’s associated firm of timeshare lawyers, M1 Legal, in February.

The second largest award this month was for £59,959. This figure was won against CLC World for a family from Taunton. In third place was a still highly impactful £29,187 judgement (also against CLC World), received by a grateful Scottish family from Galston in Ayrshire.

The successful award total for February was £781,970 beating the previous February record, set just last year, of £550,107 by over £230,000. This is more than a 50% year on year increase, and clearly demonstrates the untapped nature of the timeshare claims market.

Victories by resort

The three resorts with successful judgements recorded against them were:

  • Club La Costa: 17 court victories, valued at £375,253
  • Diamond resorts: 4 victories, totalling £71,933
  • Anfi: 4 victories, adding up to £53,296

The remaining 7 victories were split between various other resorts, including two against Onagrup, worth a total of £221,395.

Finally, a significant Spanish court judgement dated 27th January 2023 ordered Heritage Group to “reimburse to the consumer the purchase price and legal fees” after declaring their timeshare contracts null and void.  This is what is referred to as a ‘precedent victory’ and will make the compensation claim process easier for all similarly mis-sold Heritage owners in the future.

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