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The decade to make a difference: Heathrow’s Chief of Staff & Carbon on the future of the UK’s hub airport

Nigel Milton, Heathrow Airport’s Chief of Staff & Carbon, wrote to International Airport Review about Heathrow’s 2.0 sustainability plans and how the plan will help future proof the airport for travellers.

The fight against climate change will continue to define the 21st century. At Heathrow, we know this better than most. Our industry simply cannot survive in its current form, and we wouldn’t want it to. We need to cut the carbon from the industry we love so that future generations can still enjoy the unique benefits flying brings. That’s why our sustainability plan is called Heathrow 2.0 – we don’t want to curb flying, we want to rewire our sector from the bottom up into a better, cleaner version of itself. Our ‘license to operate’ depends on it.

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