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Thames Valley Chamber puts economic growth, prosperity and engagement at the heart of its annual Business Manifesto

Delivering the Western Rail Link to Heathrow, maintaining momentum for a third runway at Heathrow Airport, lobbying government to deliver friction less investment and trade agreements post Brexit and promoting stronger collaboration with academic institutions, will be the four main priorities for the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce over the next 12 months.

Outlined in the Chamber’s annual Business Manifesto, the priorities will be framed by six core themes (Ambitious, Competitive, Connected, Global, Influential and Working Thames Valley) that will inform, influence and shape its vision and wider work and events programme. The ambitious aims identified demonstrate how the Thames Valley is a strong and powerful champion for business across the region.

Paul Britton, Chief Executive of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce commented: “Our 2019 Business Manifesto describes how we propose to build on the excellent work we have already completed, whilst continually showcasing and promoting the Thames Valley as the UK’s true turbo-economy. We call on members to remain engaged and become even more actively involved in helping the business community deliver the region’s future economic growth, prosperity and well being.

“Reflecting on a successful 2018, it was fantastic to see our membership respond openly to our call to action to support, engage and help us lead an ambitious agenda. The continued work of our Business Advisory Group (BMAG) has led to real change and progress; members now represent the region on national BCC panels and committees in Whitehall, which has undoubtedly strengthened our reputation. Furthermore, local Chamber Councils have acted as advocates, mobilising the strength of the entire network. Together we will continue to champion the region, providing strong leadership and a unified voice across the Thames Valley.”

Chamber Group President, Bill Gornall-King further added: “This Manifesto, produced as a result of extensive consultation with the Thames Valley business community, represents our clear agenda for action in 2019: a seminal year in this country’s history and one during which we will undoubtedly need to address challenges in order to maintain the status of our region as the true ‘turbo-economy’ of the UK.”




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