28th October 2016

The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has produced its first annual inward investment report for 2015/16 to highlight local business communities’ performance in attracting and retaining new investment. The Chamber, which works with businesses across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Swindon, provides ongoing inward investment support and services to both existing and new UK and foreign owned companies looking to set up and grow their business in the Thames Valley.

The 18-page document offers a detailed breakdown of foreign direct investment into the Thames Valley since 2011/12 taking into account the types of projects, number of jobs created, regional investment and market sectors that operate in the region. A series of individual case studies have also been included to showcase how organisations have made the move successfully as part of an ongoing campaign to highlight that the Thames Valley and UK remains open for business.

Paul Britton, CEO at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce commented: “The inward investment report highlights the outstanding performance of the region and charts ongoing successes for those that are already here. Whether it’s expansion plans, opening new operations or even a merger and acquisition the report provides an insider view on who is investing into the region and how.

“The Thames Valley is the UK’s true dynamo-region contributing significantly to the success of the UK as the number one destination in Europe for foreign investment. As the implications and opportunities of Brexit become apparent, the Chambers efforts to champion the Thames Valley as a tried and tested international business location will continue with the aim to safeguard and build on the regions position as a one of the best performing business communities in Europe.”

The report can be viewed by visiting Thames Valley Uk