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manifesto for investment, health and growth

Chamber Unveils Manifesto for Investment, Health and Growth in Health and Life Sciences

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC) proudly announces the launch of its comprehensive manifesto for ‘Investment, Health and Growth’.  This initiative is designed to reinforce and expand the Thames Valley region’s standing as a global leader in the Health and Life Sciences (HLS) sector.

The manifesto, a product of the Chambers Health and Life Sciences working group, outlines a strategic vision aimed at driving innovation, attracting investment, and enhancing public health outcomes.

The Thames Valley is already renowned for its contributions to HLS, with a rich ecosystem of world-class research institutions, pioneering biotech companies, and leading healthcare providers. This manifesto seeks to build on this foundation, addressing critical areas such as regulatory pathways, digitalisation of the healthcare system and establishing an attractive R&D environment.

Paul Britton, Chief Executive, TVCC said: “In a year where important decisions are to be made, the launch of this manifesto reflects the voices of businesses across the region. It underscores the Chambers role in supporting and amplifying the role of the Thames Valley in addressing the national challenges that face the UK and highlighting our commitment to both our members and the wider Health and Life Sciences sector.

With the Thames Valley’s location at the heart of the ‘golden triangle,’ our efforts are dedicated to fostering its continued success and growth.”

Sue Staunton, Managing Partner, and Head of Life Sciences at James Cowper Kreston added: “This manifesto represents a collective vision and set of priorities identified by our working group members for advancing the HLS sector in the region. It outlines our key policy recommendations and initiatives aimed at driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and supporting the growth of businesses in the sector.”

TVCC invites stakeholders from across the industry, government, and community to engage with the manifesto and join in the collective effort to drive forward the regions HLS agenda.


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