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Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce to lead Local Skills Improvement Plans in Oxfordshire and Berkshire

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC) will be leading 2 of the 38 Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) in England.

Last year, over ten thousand businesses were engaged in the eight Chamber-led trailblazers and TVCC has been successful in its recent bid to run the LSIP’s in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Paul Britton, CEO, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce said “We are delighted to have been chosen and we look forward to generating a plan that truly recognises the skills needs, and more importantly, some of the solutions that providers will need to implement to address these”.

“Chambers are well placed to work with both employers and employer representative groups and through a collaborative and joined up approach we will generate a plan to build on the wealth of existing evidence to develop a skills improvement plan that really will make a difference to the region’s productivity and prosperity”.

Reacting to the news that Accredited Chambers of Commerce will be leading 32 of the 38 LSIPs, Jane Gratton, Head of People Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “We are delighted that so many Accredited Chambers have been designated by the Secretary of State to help develop skills that grow local economies and boost opportunities for future generations. The Chamber Network in England will use its convening power and deep knowledge of their local economies and communities to develop clear plans to address skills challenges faced by businesses.

“Chambers will bring together local businesses, training providers and a broad range of stakeholders to identify the skills needed to increase opportunities and enable economic growth for the benefit of everyone in the community.

“This is an opportunity for employers to shape how their current and future workforce can access the right training to thrive in the modern, more digital and greener workplace.

 “Over ten thousand businesses were engaged in the eight Chamber-led trailblazers.  Building on this learning and success, we will ensure that planning for local skills is aligned with the job opportunities and growth ambitions of employers. An efficient, network approach will enable the sharing of best practice to boost outcomes for people wherever they live, work and train.

“Closing the skills gap across English regions and sectors will help build all communities, and we are proud to see, once again, Accredited Chambers at the heart of local growth”.



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