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Swindon based technology consultancy celebrates 2-year anniversary

Redundancy from the corporate world combined with a slight health scare was enough for a Swindon businessman to take stock and give him the perspective to do what he has always wanted to do. And it has paid off as he is now celebrating the 2-year anniversary of setting up his own consultancy.

“From my own experience in the telecoms industry, I know how bewildering it is to choose the right solution and supplier for your organisation” said Andrew Moules, Founder and Owner, Red Rose Technologies.  

“I knew I could help businesses cut through the maze, by guiding them through the full cycle of discovery, design, research, procurement, supplier selection, and delivery to help select the best, future-proof telecoms provider to meet their needs.”

Launched mid-Covid, it was less than an ideal time, but Andrews’ approach of being a problem solver and being seen as an extension of the client’s team rather than yet another telephony sales company is paying handsome dividends.

He continues “The last two years have seen us secure some great contracts that range from a premier league football team to a textile manufacturing firm and a number of global leading law firms plus several varieties in between.

“It’s been incredible how businesses of all sizes and stature have taken the leap of faith to work with so-called smaller businesses rather than opting for the normal more established names in the industry, but the feedback has been that they appreciate the independent, jargon-free fresh-faced approach.”

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