06th April 2022

Fluff Digital, a software development agency based in Swindon changed its name to Fluff Software last month.

Scott Gulliver, who is the director of the company said “We love creating great experiences for companies, and making software pains for them a thing of the past. Great software for our clients has always been at the heart of what we do at Fluff, whether we’re creating an amazing new app, or breathing new life into an internal system. With our small name change, we’re underlining the core of what we do, as we continue to make a real difference to those we work with.”

The change of name comes at an important time for the company, as they enter their third year of trading, and are looking to expand the team and take on new clients. 

Scott also gave some context to the name change and said “Software is changing the world. We’re seeing industries move into exciting new areas and challenge the status quo. We all make use of software in our daily lives, between waking up to the news on a smart speaker in the morning, to connecting with our friends throughout the day, to winding down with some computer games in the evening. As we help more non-technical companies navigate the new landscape, this is where I’m personally seeing the most exciting developments. Our vision is to give companies of all sizes the ability to deliver truly transformative software projects.”

The team are also offering a free half-hour consultation to discuss early ideas and potential solutions for all businesses. You can find out more at