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The Thames Valley is one of the most successful regions of the UK and includes some of the worlds most famous global brands, as well as sector specialists, high growth SMEs and University spin-outs. 

They all have rapidly changing perspectives on how to do business and are innovators and industry leading.

The Thames Valley Sustainability Working Group (SWG)

The SWG is a business led roundtable, with appetite and ambition from the regions business community to collectively take action to leave tomorrows world in better health.  The emphasis is on business collaboration within the region – collectively, more can be achieved in the ‘race to zero’.

The SWG and subsequent Steering Groups, have met to prioritise actions and develop consensus on a framework from which to share best practice, experience and expertise.


The Chamber’s Sustainability Working Group has launched a new zoom call initiative, aimed at raising awareness and engage the community in meaningful discussions about pressing sustainability issues to our region.

Our first zoom call was hosted by Louise Hughes, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson, and featured Guest Speaker, David Simon, Professor of Development Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London.

The topic was Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), discussing the relevance to the Thames Valley Region and how the business community can adopt them into their everyday practice. 



To bring businesses and their thought leaders together. This will help shape a Thames Valley response to the challenges presented by sustainability, climate change and our ‘race to zero’.


To develop and deliver a common, aligned framework of action. This will focus on sustainability for long-term societal benefit, to which our business leaders are committed.


To provide businesses with practical advice. This focus will help to establish a consistent, comparable set of metrics for any business starting on the journey to net zero.

State of the Region Report

The State of the Region Report is a business-led initiative and the first which considers a region-wide perspective on the Thames Valley’s pathway to net zero and how we are considering climate change and sustainability.

The State of the Region report aims to become a comprehensive annual report based on a consistent set of indicators.

Thames Valley Business Checklist

The Checklist is a document which helps businesses of all sizes take a practical approach to the climate change issues affecting them.

It can be used by any business that wants to join the net zero revolution and either start on, or advance, their journey along the pathway to net zero.

To access the full Checklist, which includes in-depth explanation of the principles and ‘think-levers’ underpinning the collective approach to net zero; enabling you to gain an understanding of the actions and aims of the checklist, click here.

If you are now ready to take action and start ticking off the steps towards net zero – use our compact, workbook version which will help you track your progress by clicking here.

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