31st March 2022

The BMW Group chose Fuel Cell Systems Ltd (FCSL) to provide hydrogen fuel for the winter testing phase of its new hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen.

Following a successful summer testing programme in France last year, FCSL’s HyTruck mobile hydrogen refueller was driven to northern Sweden, on the Arctic Circle, and provided refuelling in temperatures as low as -30°C. Following winter modifications, the system performed faultlessly, refuelling over 70 times and dispensing more than 100kg of hydrogen during the tests.

With it’s own compressors and dispensing system onboard, HyTruck can be deployed easily at locations where hydrogen is needed.

First launched in 2016, HyTruck has been used by customers across the UK and Europe to provide refuelling services to a range of fuel cell powered vehicles, including cars, the HydroFLEX train, ZeroAvia’s fuel cell powered plane and a trial of motor scooters from Suzuki. 

Richard Stockwell, Director of Strategic Innovation at FCSL commented “We are really pleased to continue supporting BMW Group in their testing programme. 

HyTruck has proved itself again and again to be a reliable and cost effective choice, delivering hydrogen when and where it is needed.”