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Start-ups invited to Global Innovation Forum in Osaka

As part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce (OCCI) in 2014, two start-up companies have been selected by the OCCI to attend the Global Innovation Forum 2020.

Taking place at the Grand Front in Osaka in October 2020, the event is dedicated exclusively to global start-ups. Set to attract visitors from across the world, it provides a unique platform for those seeking to showcase their new products and services to Japanese companies, who are keen to make new discoveries and collaborate with innovative businesses.  A total of 23 innovative start-ups from approximately 11 countries will be attending this year.

Masako Eguchi-Bacon, the Japan desk representative at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce commented: “The OCCI have arranged for the demonstrations to take place in the heart of Osaka, which has an incredibly popular and busy commercial centre, and is home to an array of businesses from blue chip companies, start-up incubators, large businesses, government organisations and has a popular conference centre located nearby.

“Both will be conducting product demonstrations in the area, which is fantastic news, as companies from across Japan including Kansai attend the event. Osaka residents are known to be incredibly business savvy and the region is regularly used as a testing ground to introducing new products and services into the marketplace.”

The Global Innovation Forum 2020, which will run from 26th to 28th October, will include a series of events taking place including presentations, business meetings and networking opportunities. Each will have the opportunity to pitch their business idea to a selected group of Japanese companies.

The two companies selected by OCCI to participate in The Global Innovation Forum 2020 are Chilton Computing and Alchemy Machines:

Chilton Computing Limited, is a smart port logistics and advanced operations management start-up which uses AI and smart IoT technology to accelerate port logistics, with applications in wind farm construction.

Alchemy Machines is a B2B SaaS/Deeptech start-up that is developing a conversational intelligence platform which enables multi-user speech-to-text transcriptions of verbal communications via phone and web-conferencing, with initial application in the legal sector.

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