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Saietta partners with Indian company

Saietta, a British electric drive (eDrive) specialist, has signed a master supply agreement with AVTEC Limited, one of the largest independent manufacturers of powertrain and precision-engineered products in India.

The partnership brings together AVTEC’s expertise in the design and manufacture of transmissions with Saietta’s motor and inverter capability. The resulting eDrives have been designed for 3  and 4 wheel lightweight electric vehicles (EVs) for its first set of commercial agreements which have been secured with one of the largest OEMs in the Indian light-duty mobility market.

Production is on track to commence in Q3 ‘23. In addition to the supply agreement, Saietta and AVTEC intend to proactively market the combined eDrive technology to other existing and prospective clients, tailoring the core eDrive design to meet the precise requirements of additional individual OEMs in India and beyond. The timing is right, given the lightweight eMobility market in India is growing rapidly, registering more than 1 million EVs last year (up 200 per cent. compared to 2021). Designed in the UK, the eDrive units will be made in India.

Paul Britton, Chief Executive of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, commented: “This international partnership showcases why foreign companies repeatedly choose to partner with Thames Valley companies. It is a testament to the world-class standard of innovation and forward-thinking present within the region, along with the talent and expertise to the deliver the required.”

Tony Gott, Executive Chairman, Saietta Group Plc, said: “When bringing any new technology to the mass market, it’s critically important to work with supplier partners who have a proven track record of delivering at the required scale, on time, on cost and on quality. AVTEC undoubtedly ticks every one of those boxes. We’ve been collaborating very effectively technically since Q3 last year and everything is on track for our planned start of production. Saietta’s collaboration with AVTEC is a significant step towards delivering our strategy for India.

Working in partnership with AVTEC, we will benefit from their transmission expertise whilst we focus on our core competencies of motor and inverter development to ensure that together we deliver high quality eDrive solutions to our customers in India and beyond. We intend to work together commercially to promote the features and benefits of our combined technology to our existing client bases.”

In a more in-depth interview, the CEO of Saietta explains the various synergies that working with AVTEC will bring to Saietta. He also explains what has been driving this enormous demand for a cost effective EV solution that’s also ‘Made in India’, current production capabilities, a validation of the demand, thoughts on the future of the business and other markets and products. To view the interview please click here.

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