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RAW Pictures celebrate Business Excellence Award

RAW Pictures are celebrating another win, as they announce that they have been awarded the Business Excellence Award for the most engaging video production company in the South East of England.

Commenting on the win, Will Dawson, Creative Director says “We are very fortunate that we have received this award, in what has been a very hard-hitting year for most companies, we had a very good year in that business was all online and that we were able to go onto online video, animation, and live event streamings. It has been a huge achievement for us.

“After the most challenging year for all businesses especially in the hospitality industry, it is important to gain a lot of exposure and to feel more confident in the upfront of marketing, to gain more consumers meanwhile expectations around the events industry has become a huge thing for people as things start to slowly open up!”

The Oxfordshire based company is looking forward to live events going ahead once, as lockdown is being lifted and life slowly goes back to normal. As businesses start to gain more confidence and people are desperately wanting to go back to normality, they are targeting the events companies to hopefully help them gain exposure with event video content.

For this year they believe that it will be the biggest and best year for the event industry, as they will be wanting to hit hard on the front of marketing and trying to gain more exposure on their event.  This will hopefully bring people the confidence to get together at public gatherings in the aim for people to feel more relaxed about meeting in big groups again. 

Explaining that business confidence has jumped to its highest level in five years as a lot of businesses look ahead of lockdown easing and there will potentially be a bounce in sales in 2021 as more people feel confident, Will continues “Our company is hoping to reach out to more companies especially in the hospitality, events, and even fitness industries to be able to help them achieve their marketing goals and to help potential customers see that these businesses are ready for the arrival of old and new customers and that they are coming back bigger than ever! 

“We are hoping to see a boost in the economy and to see companies become more confident in themselves and hopefully to also allow us to help promote their company through video content, whether that be through animation or even live footage! We are hoping to expand our client base and to be able to meet new businesses and people throughout the year and to help them achieve their results on the video front!”

With businesses reporting an increase in exports and recruitment in the second half of lockdown, RAW can support this trend as they have hired two new staff members to expand the company. 

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