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Product compliance
health check

Self-check your current level of product and system regulatory compliance and identify the gaps that need addressing in your organisation.

 Are you aware of the technical requirements of your target markets as they apply to your products? Yes No
 Have you compiled a technical file appropriate to your product/s which can be accessed by  regulatory authorities? Yes No
 Do you have a company standards register which identifies the legal & regulatory documents that  you have applied to your product? Yes No
 Do you have a robust system in place to update the regulatory requirements you apply to your  product/system Yes No
 Has your product been certified by an accredited test laboratory Yes No
 Have you committed to a self-declaration conformity regime for your product/s? Yes No
 Are there any certifications marks/badges assigned to your product/s and placed on the  item/packaging/instruction manuals? Yes No
 Do you understand the significance of certification declaration and able to provide suitable  explanation to your supply chain and end user either voluntarily or when challenged. Yes No
 Do you have a certified quality management system (e.g. ISO 9001) or an integrated system (e.g.  ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001, ISO9001) Yes No

For more information regarding compliance, or for queries, please call 01753 870 560 or email

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