16th August 2021

Panattoni is delighted to announce that it has launched its online public consultation on its early proposals for the redevelopment of the Honda site and is encouraging residents to provide their feedback.  This follows extensive engagement with Swindon Borough Council, local representatives and Honda.

Since the announcement earlier this year, Panattoni has undertaken extensive technical studies which consider in detail the environmental and transport conditions of the site and the potential impact of new development.  This will ensure that the proposals will deliver new employment opportunities and support sustainable economic growth in Swindon.

The consultation website introduces the proposals which will see the site transformed into a world class logistics and modern manufacturing centre, securing £700 million of new investment and creating approximately 7,000 new direct jobs on site within the next 10 years. The four key principles of the development proposals include:

  • The ‘opening up’ of the site to pedestrians, cyclists and buses for the first time, helping to encourage sustainable travel to and from the site.
  • The existing ‘north’ and ‘south’ access points will be retained and provide the only access for cars and HGVs.
  • The existing boundary trees, vegetation and landscaped bunds will be retained wherever possible and enhanced to improve screening and ecological value.
  • The existing culvert will be opened up to provide a new water course with generous landscaping to improve flood resilience and a ecologic corridor.

The consultation website also introduces Panattoni’s approaches to targeting net zero carbon, encouraging sustainable travel, and strengthening biodiversity.

James Watson, Development Director, Panattoni said:   

“We are delighted to launch our public consultation to allow residents of Swindon to have their say on our first proposals. We hope as many people will take part to let us know what they think and any ideas they have to strengthen the first planning application

We would like to thank everyone locally who has helped us so far including local political and community representatives and Swindon Borough Council. We look forward to hearing what residents have to say and will then consider how we can incorporate their feedback prior to submitted the planning application”.