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PACE Networks Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

In November 2021, PACE Networks, specialist provider of railway electrification and power grid overhead line infrastructure, celebrates 10 years since its foundation.

The business’ roots go back even further to the 1960s, when co-founder Brian Cullum started an apprenticeship with the Eastern Electricity Board. Brian moved on to work in the supply of specialist electrical equipment – managing regions, working in acquisitions and launching a company, which he went on to sell.

Then, in 2011, he came together with his son, Jon, to create PACE Networks Ltd. During its 10 years PACE has worked on every major UK rail electrification project and with all UK power grid operators.

PACE Networks develops long term relationships with suppliers and customers, enabling innovation and service that deliver real value. More than 40 product acceptance and type registration approvals have been achieved with the various railway and power grid network operators, spanning a range of products including railway cantilevers, switches and disconnectors, high voltage insulators and surge arrestors, and plenty more besides.

In recent years, PACE has introduced services such as stocking and, in 2021, corona camera inspection and reporting, to enhance customers’ project and maintenance efficiency.

There have been some notable highlights: 

  • Introduction of the innovative Omnia cantilever system to the UK, delivering 40% weight reduction and faster installation to the railway electrification industry compared to traditional materials. Omnia has been used on nearly all new railway electrification projects across the UK over the last 10 years.
  • Winning several supply frameworks with notable operators such as Network Rail, and National Grid, as well as supplying many of the tier one contractors delivering projects on their behalf. 
  • Implementing UK stocks of critical items to the UK railway electrification and power grid networks, reducing lead times from months direct from the European manufacturers to days or weeks from PACE’s UK warehouse – a service that has dug many a project out of a hole and avoided costly delays.

Managing Director, Gavin Smith comments, “Being close to our customers is the foundation of everything we do. Alongside investment in our people and processes, this is our focus for 2022 and beyond.”

Jon Cullum is also looking forward, “I expect the next 10 years to be busy as the authorities grapple with decarbonisation and the changing nature of power networks. I believe that we will add further value through specialist services that complement our core technologies, and we continue to seek out partners from around the world that enable us to bring innovative technology to operators in the UK and Eire.”

In celebration of 10 years, PACE is keen to support others and learn more about how it can help the industries it serves. With this in mind, the company will make a donation to a charity on behalf of everyone from the railway electrification or power transmission and distribution industry who completes a short survey here:

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