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Oxfordshire’s Tokamak Energy selected for US Department of Energy Fusion Development Programme

Tokamak Energy Inc, the West Virginia-based U.S. subsidiary of British company Tokamak Energy Ltd, has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for an award as part of its bold decadal vision for delivering commercial fusion.

The DOE’s multimillion-dollar Milestone-Based Fusion Development Program was established to support private companies in bringing fusion energy toward technical and commercial viability. As part of the program, selected companies will team with U.S. national laboratories, universities, and others to address major technical and commercialisation milestones for the successful design of a fusion pilot plant.

Warrick Matthews, Tokamak Energy’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to be selected by the U.S. DOE for its Milestone-Based Fusion Development Program. It’s a fantastic endorsement of the strength of our team, technology and path to commercial fusion energy, combining the spherical tokamak with high temperature superconducting magnets. We look forward to working with the DOE on the next steps towards delivering clean, secure, affordable fusion power to the world, addressing the twin challenges of energy security and climate change.”   

Tokamak Energy is the only private company with more than 10 years’ experience of designing, building and operating tokamaks. It already has strong links with U.S. national laboratories, including Oak Ridge, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Los Alamos, as well as the University of Illinois. In addition, this week Tokamak Energy and General Atomics (GA) announced they have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in the area of high temperature superconducting technology for fusion energy and other applications in fields such as aviation, naval, space and medical.

Tokamak Energy is the first private fusion company to reach a plasma ion temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius in its ST40 tokamak, the threshold for commercial fusion. ST40 also achieved the highest triple product by a private company. Triple product is a widely recognised industry measure of plasma density, temperature and confinement, collectively a key measure of progress on the path to realising commercial fusion conditions.

Tokamak Energy has previously received seven awards through the U.S. Innovation Network for Fusion Energy (INFUSE) program. The INFUSE programme was established in 2019 to accelerate fusion energy development through public-private research partnerships.

Late last year, Tokamak Energy were selected to participate in the Global Innovation Forum (GIF) in Osaka, Japan, where the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry in conjunction with the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce offered advanced technology start-ups the opportunity to take part in the annual GIF.

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