16th June 2021

Oxfordshire-based Environmental Consultants Hydro-GIS are delighted to have published their first Digital Story Map.

The Interactive Story Map looks at Flood Risk Modelling in Central and Eastern Europe. It showcases the collaborative partnership project undertaken in 2005 when Hydro-GIS were commissioned by a global risk management and reinsurance agency to create a general event-based model for the major rivers of Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.

The development of the Central and Eastern European flood model enabled clients in the UK to access markets in countries who had recently become new members of the EU.

Most of the project management on the client side was carried out through their Central office in Hamburg. Using the local experts and purchasing data from hydrological services in the study area countries, all worked smoothly within the framework of the EU.

Undertaking such a project today, given the current Brexit situation, would undoubtedly be much more difficult, if at all possible.

The Story Map can be viewed online at: