16th April 2020

With their area of expertise creating safe and hygienic environments, Oxfordshire based cleaning company Ecocleen are offering their support during these unprecedented times with a new product which helps deliver the highest levels of hygiene standards.

Working hard to bring peace of mind and in the absence of general testing , they continue to ensure the highest level of hygiene standards and as such have launched the Electrostatic Sprayer.  This product delivers a faster and more effective disinfectant clean, allowing an application of an even layer of product and as well as wrapping around all surfaces. Better coverage is achieved in a fraction of the time making sure all surfaces are safely sanitised.

Product highlights include –

– Sprays up to 5 times faster than traditional methods

– Achieves maximum cover wraparound technology

– Allows effective disinfectant dwell times on surfaces

– Totally touchless disinfection

– Removes the need to wipe over or dry down

– Eliminates cross infection and contamination

– Enables the delivery of safer and more productive work/play spaces, safe in the knowledge that you have fulfilled your duty of care to customers and employees

Get in touch to book or find out more – contact Michael Currie on or on 07827 512 670