09th April 2020

Oro Inc. is thrilled to announce a brand new collaboration with established full-service digital marketing agency, Generate UK, as their first and only OroCommerce Solution Partner in the United Kingdom.

“Oro Inc. are extremely pleased to have found such an expert partner to kick off their UK solutions. With deep eCommerce, B2B and Oro Platform experience, we look forward to working closely with Generate UK to deliver incredible growth for the UK’s B2B vendors” says Chris Raven, Oro Inc.  The B2B eCommerce platform challenges competitors with it’s multi-functional, adaptable and scalable solution for organisations of all types. It allows businesses to expand into new markets, with multi-vendor marketplace features for both B2B buyers and vendors avoiding disrupting business operations. It also features their stand-alone CRM product built into the package making this holistic platform encompass all business requirements.

Joe Baily, Founder and Managing Director of Generate UK commented “In the UK, the B2B eCommerce industry has truly exploded, companies are continually trying to find ways to reduce the cost whilst trying to build value for loyal multichannel B2B customers. To be the first UK Partner of Oro Inc., industry leaders in open-source business application with a fully loaded enterprise level ecommerce system represents a huge opportunity for Generate UK. It enables us to support our clients to build solutions and services to help them meet their customers’ demands whilst growing their market share. In times of uncertainty more people are looking to futureproof their organisations and look for new ways to achieve their objectives, the solutions that OroCommerce can provide support this. Whether you are looking for a new platform or to replatform, OroCommerce can drive positive change with their eCommerce solutions. This new partnership with OroCommerce stands to be a fantastic answer for some of our current clients but also for many new ones out there. We are excited to get started!”

Generate UK is a multi-award-winning marketing agency based in the heart of the Thames Valley, United Kingdom. They design and develop highly creative and technical assets and executive strategic marketing activities for their clients. This new partnership means Generate UK can support customers achieve their online sales objectives with the latest developments in B2B and ERP technology. Both organisations are delighted with this partnership and look forward to further developing this market together. For more information, visit: or contact Generate UK via email