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Newbury flavourings company manufacturing hand sanitiser

Newbury based flavourings company I.T.S. have taken swift action to see where they could best lend a hand in the fight against COVID-19.

They quickly became aware that their flavouring manufacturing factory could be quickly adapted to make hand sanitiser and have joined in with many other flavouring and food and drink suppliers to open up capacity to manufacture hand sanitiser due to nationwide shortages. Over the last couple of months I.T.S. have been donating hand sanitiser to worthy causes around their local town of Newbury – this includes hospitals, care homes, food banks, homeless shelters and doctor surgeries.

Mike Bagshaw, Founder of I.T.S. said “I’m incredibly proud of all the staff here at I.T.S. to how quickly everyone was up for the challenge and to put in the extra hours to play our part in fighting this terrible crisis. It’s not in our nature to sit back, we are constantly reacting the world around us. It was a real no brainer move, we already had access to key ingredients and all the equipment needed. It’s been great to see so many other companies join the fight such as INNEOS and Brewdog, who are the big names that are really pushing this through.”

Since I.T.S. started producing hand sanitiser they are not only donating large amounts to worthy causes in our local area, but we have also started to supply to key areas in the food and drink industry supply chain. Mike goes on to say “When we started talking about manufacturing hand sanitiser, our customers got wind of the news and quickly started asking how they could get hold of the stuff. It just went from there, and now we’ve had to keep opening more and more capacity to increase production.” The hand sanitiser is packed in variety of sizes to meet different needs and is EN 1500 and EN 1276 approved to be fully compliant.

To find out more about I.T.S. and how you can get supply of their hand sanitiser visits their website at

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