24th May 2022

Commenting on the news that the Government plans to bring in new laws to combat fake reviews, Toby Offen, CX Director of customer experience consultancy, insight6 in Berkshire said “This is a welcome change – consumers should be able to put their trust completely in third party reviews.

“It’s a sad realisation that some businesses opt to buy fake reviews rather than invest in improving their customer experience and generate genuine positive reviews.”

“Businesses shouldn’t be afraid of some negative feedback. Managed correctly, it offers an opportunity to learn and improve, resulting in an improved customer experience and new genuine positive feedback.”

“Genuine customer insight is priceless in the pursuit of 5-star reviews!”

“When working with businesses who have had some negative feedback, it is often a very simple fix. The first step to positive reviews is becoming aware of issues and giving your customers the outlet to vent their frustrations. Many have no process in place to request or monitor feedback, and that’s when people head to the internet.

“Once a feedback process is established and the cause of any poor customer experience identified, then you can implement new strategies to improve the whole customer experience – this could include ironing out a glitch in the customer journey, or upskilling staff.”

insight6 is the largest customer experience consultancy (CX) in the UK with over 600 clients. Supported by a network of 25 CX specialists across the UK, insight6 provides solutions to monitor, investigate and improve the end-to-end customer experience of a business.

To find out more about CX and how you could improve your customer reviews organically, contact Toby Offen on or 07983 932089 or connect on LinkedIn.