27th July 2020

New to the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, consulting company Beacon Consultant Services have wasted no time in extracting the benefits of the Chambers networking opportunities. Cloud1, a cost-effective IT solution as a Service provider quickly found akin within their business models. The two companies have been communicating since meeting at one of the virtual networking events, which just proves how effective the new approach to networking can be! The two businesses are now looking at how their offerings of GDPR, Information Security and Regulatory Compliance can complement each other and how one businesses gaps are the others strengths, and vice versa.

Jamie Swan, director of Beacon Consultant Services, commented “Having only been running my own business for just over a year it’s pretty daunting at first, not knowing who to contact to get sales leads or being able to talk to likeminded business owners to hear their stories and first hand experiences. The Chamber has been great, we’ve met new businesses and had lots of good conversations with other, similar sized organisations. Working with Cloud1 is an exciting prospect and will give organisations an end to end, “one stop shop” for their functional and non-functional IT needs”.

The two businesses quickly found they share similar core values, such as adding client value in identifying cost saving opportunities and effective solutions, building trust, and going the extra mile.

During such uncertain times when many organisations are looking at how they move forward in this new world with remote working, virtual offices, video conferencing and changing hearts and minds, the partnership between Beacon and Cloud1 should be a great offering in the market place, all thanks to the power of the chambers networking facilities, it’s like Tinder for companies!