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The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group’s policy department campaigns regionally and nationally on behalf of businesses of all sizes, exerting powerful influence on government with the aim of creating a more favourable business environment. Working with key stakeholders in across the Thames Valley region each of our seven individual Chambers have their own aims and objectives document, which is compiled and updated by an elected Council of business people from each local Chamber. These documents reflect the issues that the businesses in that particular area are facing and the way in which the local Chamber is working to resolve them.

Local Chamber Councils are a group of local businesses representing different sectors that contribute to local and regional representation, reflecting the Chamber’s strategic priorities and lobbying for the right environment that creates prosperity and growth, whether in the Thames Valley, the UK or internationally.

New Art Gallery and Museum

The Swindon Chamber’s own policy priorities include specific aims to support educational initiatives and projects that will strengthen the town centre ‘offer’ (and related infrastructure). The new art gallery and museum project is such a proposal, which can be seen as complementary to and strengthening the cultural, heritage and wider leisure offer of the town. This can only help to increase the attractiveness of the town and wider region as a destination for visitors, shoppers, businesses and new investors alike. The Chamber therefore commits their full whole-hearted support behind the new art gallery and museum project.

Swindon Chamber of Commerce

Swindon is now a high tech centre of excellence with a thriving industrial and commercial centre. It is home to many of our Chamber member companies such as BMW, Thames Water and GWR. The Chambers vision for Swindon is that the location will continue to be an innovative and growing economy where businesses are well-connected, surviving and thriving; benefit from town centre regeneration and have effective, affordable transport infrastructure; be a great place for business start-up and growth with an international reputation as a centre of innovation.

Swindon Chamber Council

The aim of the Swindon Chamber Council is to set down the key issues of concern to members and to outline the Chambers plan to lead, debate and action change. We aim to ensure that Swindon remains a sustainable environment for businesses and continues to be one of the most productive towns in the United Kingdom. This will be achieved by creating a partnership with large and small businesses, local government, all sectors of the community and the education sector. These partnerships support the commercial growth of the town and the economic improvement of all sectors of the community.

Made in Swindon

If your business is ‘Made in Swindon’ we want to hear more!

With such a diverse range of exciting, innovative and entrepreneurial organisations, the Chamber is taking the lead on sharing and celebrating the success stories of businesses founded or operating in Swindon.

To find out more email madein@tvchamber.co.uk

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