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Local business making dreams a reality whilst raising funds for Action for Children

Local business owner Peter Mols will be hosting an inspirational and thought provoking workshop where he’ll walk attendees through a process of turning life long dreams into reality. All proceeds of the event will go to the charity Action for Children.

On the 24th February Peter, of Blewbury based business Outside ideas, will walk 60 business owners through his Power of Dreams workshop over half a day, at The Courtyard by Marriott in Milton who are sponsoring the event. 

Jasmine McHayle, the Regional Support Officer for Action for Children said “This event sounds brilliant and is an amazing way to fundraise! We definitely need more events like this that allow people to focus on what they want to get out of life and what makes them happy”

Claire MCNickel, Manager at The Courtyard by Marriott, said:

“We’re really happy and proud to support this great event and very worthwhile charity by donating the space so that all money can go to the charity” 

Peter Mols first started running the Power of Dreams workshop in 2019, but hasn’t been able to host another due to Covid 19. The highly emotive and life transformational event didn’t translate too well online. So he has been patiently waiting for an opportunity to bring this much loved event back. 

Wantage based business owner Sian Pages of Not Just Travel, was lucky enough to join the event in 2019 prior to Covid, she said:

“I myself am a dreamer, but I have never really understood how to turn these dreams into a reality before. I came away with a clear plan and since that day I’ve ticked things off that are having a massively positive impact in my professional and personal life. I know that if I follow the steps Pete set out, I’ll be living a life I’ve only ever dreamed about. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to go to this workshop, you’ll be so glad you did”

Whilst the workshop was originally designed for business owners, one of the pleasantly surprising outcomes has been the impact for the married couples that have attended. “If you think about it, it makes perfect sense” states Peter. “When we get married we commit completely to building a dream together, but as time and life goes on, for some, the everyday gets in the way. Sometimes, people just end up on different paths.” The married couples that have attended have all had great outcomes and made some pretty big decisions. 

This time the event will be a charity fundraiser and has been deeply discounted from £125 to £40 per person to make it more accessible. Peter has been a keen supporter of Action for Children for a number of years, and even took part in their event “Boycott your Bed” camping out at local Beale Wildlife Park to raise money for the charity with his wife and young son. 

“The birth of my son gave me the boost that I really needed. I quit the job that I hated at the time, and started filling our life with the dreams that before hadn’t been possible. I started thinking, how many of us actually focus on our dreams? How many of us have an actual bucket list or a dream board that we live by? Surely the closer we are to our dreams, the more likely we are to achieve them…. And it hit me. I might just have cracked the formula for a more fulfilling life, and it feels pretty amazing.”

Peter’s award winning business, which he runs with his wife Sarah, Outside ideas, takes his dream one step further, with one of their key values being ‘Business and Life Balanced’. An entrepreneurial business growth company focusing on supporting small business owners, it has embedded the idea that to have a successful business, you also need to have an eye on the big dreams too.

The Power of Dreams event will involve networking, all proceeds from the event will go to Action for Children.

Tickets are limited to 60 people and can be found at

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