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Incepteo’s initiative to contain the spread of Covid-19 through Safe Social Distance application

Chaithanya Kumar the Founder & CEO of Incepteo said “It’s every business’s responsibility to bring positive sustainable change to communities.”

With the growing impact and anxiety surrounding Covid-19 Incepteo decided it was their responsibility to help manage the spread of coronavirus. As an experienced technology partner, Incepteo decided to develop an application that would allow users to successfully help keep communities informed.

As a result, Incepteo developed Safe Social Distance a web-based free traffic planning and mapping application, that allows users to understand and predict the expected traffic occupancy at heavily occupied locations across cities.

Research conducted by MIND found that a high proportion of citizens have experienced anxiety surrounding the fear of contracting coronavirus. Although over the past few month’s new measures, such as the Covid-19 vaccines have been implemented there are always likely to be fears surrounding the spread of Covid-19 in public places.

Chaithanya Kumar said that “My hope is that people can use SSD to safely social distance more effectively by allowing the public to plan their outings which social distancing in mind. Hopefully, this will allow them to reduce anxiety, and help others by letting members of the public know when they are planning to return back to work and face to face interaction”. 

If you would like us to help you with any community or charitable technology projects, we would love to get involved Contact Us | Incepteo

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