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A large commercial property investment company has installed unique ‘pedal-operated’ hand sanitiser dispensers in its South East buildings to help businesses get their employees back to work.

McKay Securities, whose headquarters are based in Reading, Berkshire, has purchased a number of Igieniko hand sanitiser stations in order to make its offices COVID-secure and keep its tenants safe.

Since lockdown restrictions were eased in the UK, it has been a challenging time for businesses to get staff back to work due to the uncertainties over their safety and a potential ‘second wave’.

However, McKay Securities, who own multiple properties across the South East and London totalling over £500million, wanted to ensure their tenancy portfolio is adequately prepared. They needed to establish a hand sanitiser provision which met with the government’s requirements and a supplier who could support them with maintenance.

Lynda Perry who heads up Occupier Services at the company, saw greater value for their portfolio in the Igieniko five-litre sanitiser stand due to its capacity, its practical pedal-operation and ‘touch-free’ features.

She said: “We had spent a great deal of time ensuring our properties were as safe as possible for our occupiers across the portfolio when we came across the Igieniko sanitiser stand, and we immediately knew it would help us better achieve a ‘COVID-secure’ status.

“What we truly like about it is its design and practicality. It’s touch-free, the user simply places their hands under the dispenser, presses their foot onto the pedal and out squeezes the gel which in itself is quite pleasant and not sticky like some we have tried. The pedal operation is reassuring to our staff and to our tenants.

“The feedback on these units has been very positive across our portfolio. Another useful feature is the large tank capacity which simplifies managing the gel replacements in high traffic areas. For our type of business, its design aligns well with our company image.

“One of the great advantages of owning the Igieniko sanitiser stand is the supplier’s free maintenance. As a large property portfolio owner, it gives us piece of mind. The possibility to customise the unit to the multiple brands across our portfolio has been an extra benefit.”
Chemtra Limited, who supply the Igieniko sanitiser stand, have seen a growth in demand for their products.

Alongside the stand, the Bracknell-based business, who distribute chemicals in international markets, also supply sanitising gels.

Jesse Palle, managing director at Chemtra Limited, said: “Our 80 per cent alcohol-based sanitiser gel is manufactured in the UK and approved by the World Health Organisation. It works well with our sanitiser stand, as much as it does with a variety of sanitiser gels. It is built to allow the use of various gel viscosities – a benefit for many customers who may have bought sanitiser gel elsewhere.

“Our units are providing McKay Securities with the confidence that the risk of Covid-19 infection is substantially reduced because the stands are ‘touch-free’ and ‘pedal-operated’. We are delighted to have been able to provide them with a solution that is practical, blends in well with their business environment and meets their objectives.

“The success of ‘COVID-secure’ status is a must for property owners and facilities managers in these uncertain times. To help businesses get back to normal, making the right choice for sanitising infrastructure is paramount to reassuring staff and customers. The example of McKay Securities shows it can be done right.”

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