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Henley based timeshare claims firm breaks string of records

European Consumer Claims (ECC) – a Henley based business and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce member – celebrate as multiple timeshare compensation award records broken.

ECC are breaking their own compensation award records, and by appreciable margins.

The timeshare compensation claims firm has just reported the most successful single week in its 6 year history with a staggering total of nearly £2,900,000 awarded to their clients. This constitutes an increase of almost 700% over the previous record set in April last year.

November 2022 saw ECC’s associated firm of lawyers, M1 Legal, win awards for its customers totalling almost £3,500,000. This sets another record, beating the previous highest month by a massive 395%.

Finally, their own record for most award victories won in one quarter has already been broken by another significant percentage with 3 whole weeks left to go.

At the time of writing (5th December 2022) ECC and M1 Legal have secured an astounding 41 victories and more than £4 million awarded. This is more double the previous best quarter’s results which were in 2022.

Extrapolating from the quarter so far this would put the figure at over £5 million by the end of this quarter (December 31st).

Changing landscape

There were plenty of life-changing individual awards amongst these victories, including one elated couple from Newcastle who were awarded over £100,000 compensation in a court win against Silverpoint.

“These records are being convincingly broken,” says Andrew Cooper CEO of ECC. 

“Currently our compensation award total for 2022 is standing at just under £8,700,000. This represents 416 people who are now free from the burden of their annual timeshare fees as well as being awarded all of this compensation.

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