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Goughs and YAT – a shared purpose

In November 2020 the Youth Adventure Trust wrote about the importance of charity partnerships from a business perspective and demonstrated how it can significantly improve business outcomes through better brand recognition, providing your company with a competitive edge, improved staff recruitment and better staff retention and loyalty.  

The Youth Adventure Trust were recently selected by Wiltshire firm Goughs Solicitors as their charity of the year.  There is the obvious connection that Goughs have offices where many of the vulnerable young people we work with live and go to school.  However it is the shared purpose and values which provides the greatest benefit.  

Goughs values of trust, teamwork, excellence, accountability and engagement run through every aspect of their business, from the service they deliver to their clients through to what they look for in their employees.  Goughs understand how important it is to exceed their client’s expectations.  In the same way we deliver a powerful programme of outdoor activity that allows our young people to go beyond what they thought possible and realise their capabilities.  Our programme embodies those same shared values.  Our young people learn to trust, they enjoy being part of a team who look out for and encourage each other.  They are encouraged to be accountable, excel without judgement and fulfil their true potential.  The time they spend with us on the programme allows them to learn valuable life skills and find a positive path that can change their future prospects going forward. 

By working together with the Youth Adventure Trust, Goughs are demonstrating their commitment to their local community as well as their clients. 

Emma Taylor, Partner at Goughs Solicitors says “We were all in admiration of the support and inspiration that the Youth Adventure Trust provides for local youth, and really want to help them make a real difference to so many vulnerable young people across Swindon and Wiltshire.  We are hoping that, through this partnership, we will be able to truly demonstrate our values of trust, accountability, excellence, engagement and teamwork, by supporting such values alongside the Youth Adventure Trust in future generations of our local community.”

Over the next few months they will raise money through a variety of different fundraising initiatives that will ultimately allow their values to reach a younger generation who need the accountability, engagement, trust, excellence and teamwork skills that are so important for a fulfilling life and integral to the success of each and every one of the young people who join the Programme.

To find out more about how you can add value to your business through a charity partnership with the Youth Adventure Trust please contact Philippa Cox, Corporate Partnerships Manager –

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