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Environmental organisation chooses Howbery Park with expansion in mind

Having navigated the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ecosystems Knowledge Network decided to move to Howbery Business Park to give it the flexibility to expand on site.

Through events and advice, Ecosystems Knowledge Network helps a diverse network of 3,000 professionals to learn from one another about harnessing the value of a restored environment to tackle challenges such as flood risk reduction and public health improvement. In the past year, its work has taken on an even greater importance and relevance.

“National lockdowns have highlighted the value to society of the natural environment,” explains director of the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, Dr Bruce Howard. “It has become apparent that spending time in a rewarding natural space can positively impact our well-being. Concerns about nature, health, economy and climate have converged.”

During the pandemic, the independent charitable organisation has successfully adapted to hosting all its training courses and conferences online. While it could only accommodate around 200 attendees at face-to-face events, it has been able to welcome up to 1,000 attendees online.

In light of the growing demand for its services, the organisation was prompted to search for a more suitable location in which it could expand, which led it to Howbery Business Park.

“The park is the ideal place for us to grow,” explains Bruce. “Its facilities cover all our potential expansion scenarios and gives us great flexibility for the future. We have been more productive since arriving at Howbery. The quietness of the grounds is a welcome change from the perpetual noise of the city as we can now work without disruptions. I also believe that the best meetings are not across a table but on a walk. At Howbery, we can meet people and have important discussions whilst we explore the beautiful grounds.”

“We are delighted that Ecosystem Knowledge Network has joined us at Howbery,” said Estates Manager Donna Bowles. “Our offices vary greatly in size and many of our tenants have previously expanded and moved around the site. We are excited to see how Ecosystem Knowledge Network will grow and develop here in the future.”

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